ATW Mission

Our mission is to publish a quarterly theological and devotional journal that extols the Lord’s gifts of Law and Gospel for the curious Christian.

Around the Word will paint a Biblical and joyful picture of teaching and life. We have our Bibles open, and we believe with simplicity what the Lord speaks there. We endeavor to have a thoughtful and generous, historical and current approach to the Lord’s Word, understanding that theological integrity is the best way that we can serve the church at large.
We are Lutheran; that is, we let the Law and the Gospel echo in the full voice with which God speaks it, and we are on the lookout for error because we love to hear the truth, the life-giving voice of Jesus. So we care about families and their neighbors and the world, both in this life and in the life to come.  We are working to recover the joy and delight of doctrine, of the Gospel.